Aldi Casa Life Henley Resort 72" Ceiling Fan (6424) - COMPATIBILITY CHECK

Prior to placing your booking, we need to confirm your installation compatibility.

Your ceiling fan will be attached to your electrical lighting circuit. We are obligated by law to ensure that this is a safe and compliant installation. The questions below are designed to give us a full understanding of your individual circumstances and allow us to advise of any additional costs prior to commencement.


You must have a compliant safety switch for your lighting circuit. Please note that you may already have a safety switch installed on your power point circuits. It is a requirement by law that you also have a safety switch on your lighting circuit. This means you may require a second safety switch in order to make your install safe and compliant. Please use the images below as a guide.

These images below show a compatible safety switch.

These images shown below are not compatible and will require a safety switch installation

You can upgrade your installation to include a safety switch if required.

Learn more about Safety Switches here.


Your installation location must meet the following criteria:

Batten light to be replaced.


Existing ceiling fan to be replaced.


Light switch


Fan/light switch


Your ceiling must be high enough that the fan, when fitted, is a minimum of 2.11m from the floor to the bottom of the blades.

Please note: ceiling heights above 3.20m will incur an extra cost. Your installer will inform you of this before starting the work.


Please check your ceiling has adequate clearance so that the blades will not hit anything. Raked ceilings, cathedral style rooves, and narrow spaces may not accommodate the wide blades. Unit width is 182.8cm (72”).


There must also be adequate solid fixing to secure the fan to the ceiling.

Please note that if you have an existing downlight you may have wiring and a switch but you may not have the solid fixing to secure the fan to the roof. You can upgrade your installation to include the fixing required.

Certificate of Electrical Safety (CoES or CoC)

Australian law requires your electrician to provide a safety certificate with every installation. The cost for the certificate varies depending on which state you are in.

  • ACT – $55
  • NSW – $33
  • QLD – FREE
  • SA – $33
  • VIC – $33
  • WA – $33

If applicable, this fee will be payable directly to your electrician.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS – Additional charges will apply

Please note that some installation requirements may result in:

  • Installation of a safety switch ($198 upgrade)
  • Upgrade ceiling fan to include a light ($69 upgrade)
  • No adequate fixing in the roof space for the fan to be secured to ($55 upgrade)
  • Installation of fan where no existing batten light or ceiling fan exists (POA)
  • The need for additional cables (POA)
  • Replacement of old/faulty wiring (POA)
  • Solid walls (POA)

Rest assured, our electrician can still complete the job, but additional labour and parts will be required. You will be informed of any additional charges before the installation of your product commences. All additional charges are payable directly to your electrician.

Please know that our number one priority is your safety. As a result, our tradesperson is unable to complete installation until safety and compliance conditions are met.